Paul Bertony is the Founder and CEO of iFriendnet organization. He holds a Diploma in French from the University of Paul Valery in France. A former candidate for Mayor at Verrettes in Haiti, Bertony has actively worked with Catholic convents, in both Haiti and France. He has served as an educator for many social groups whose synergy has been critical to community development in some of Haiti's very poor districts. Paul has been developing employment opportunities in Haiti through fish farming, reafforestation, irrigation and tree plantations. Through the iFriendnet organization, he is currently collaborating with Wolove Associations throughout the world to empower communities with the idea of social entrepreneurship. He is also a poet and author of five books. He lives in the Washington DC area with his family.

Founder and CEO


Since you have able skills, we want your help. Whether it's teaching on Skype, inviting your friends to donate online, or collecting donations, we need you. And so do communities in need.

Recent Programs

We're continually working hard to improve communities throughout Haiti and Dominican Republic. If you're interested to see what we've been doing recently (especially if you want to help), check out our project list.


Mission & Vision

We have a simple, but robust mission: to help people in need. We do that by focusing on community-based efforts including education and awareness. We want to make a difference in building community by sharing knowledege.

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